Sound Symposium 2010

Il festival internazione di live performance e nuova musica si svolge in Canada e nel 2010 presenterà la sua 15esima edizione. Sono aperte le call – scadenza 15 agosto – per presentare lavori di sound art, installazione, papers. Tutti i moduli per partecipare e le info sul sito.

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Sara Lenzi

Director of Marketing at Sonoport
Sara Lenzi is Director of Marketing at Sonoport. With more than a decade of experience in sound design and audio branding consultancy, she writes about all the multifaceted aspects of sound in communication. She is an international lecturer and founder of Lorelei Sound Strategies, the first sound branding boutique studio in Asia. Sara has a Master Degree in Philosophy from the University of Bologna and she is starting her PhD at the University of Bilbao, Spain. She lives in Singapore, where she spends her free time in tireless exploration of local food stalls and vintage shops, sipping cocktails in the tropical humidity and diving with giant turtles in the South China Sea.