SonorApuliae open call to create a sound map in Italy

SonorApuliae / Taranto Sonora is a workshop with the aimt to build an happening based on the sounds of the old town of Taranto (Italy), from 11th august to 17th august 2010.

The project will mix sound design, musical experimentation and active citizenship in order to produce a sound archive online (sound cards) of the town and a final performance.

The entry form must be completed in all fields and sent via email no later than the deadline of July 20 2010 at the following email address:

The fee for the workshop is EUR 100,00. The maximum number of members is 35. For any kind of informations you can write to: For specific informations about the workshop and/or to collaborate: +39 349/5012612 or use the skype contact below: francesco_giannico.

SonorApuliae is promoted by the Laboratory of Ecology of Sound part of the LAB LIB Association.

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