Design o’ the times panel at Interferenze Festival

Some days ago we came back from Interferenze new arts festival in Italy, where we were invited to present Design o’the times, a panel/performance based on the concept of Time Design promoted by Albert Mayr.

The first part of the panel was dedicated to the presentation of the contributions we requested to some sound professionals and musicians we respect a lot: Kim Cascone, Unidentified Sound Object, Miguel Isaza, Stefano Delle Monache and Andrew Spitz; while the second part consisted of a live performance based on Mayr’s work, directed by Luigi Mastandrea and performed by Enrico Ascoli, Alessandro Capozzo, Yasuhiro Morinaga and Pasquale Napolitano.

We thank a lot all the people who were involved in this project, they were amazing, we will call’em our Friends of Sound, because they are contributing to create a brand new community of professionals, artists, researchers and musicians working in the field of sound and audio design.

A small video abstract of the performance is shown below.

The contributions of the first part of the panel where created based upon an abstract of the work of Mayr we sent by e-mail. At the end we asked:

What if you were asked to virtually participate in this collective creative effort to musically re-design time? How would you interpret your given one-hot-minute?

These were the answers…

Kim Cascone composed the piece Abstract_one:

Miguel Isaza composed the piece Time for Dreams:

Andrew Spitz created the video Time Lapse Phonography (more information here):

Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi from U.S.O. Project created the video La Création du Monde:

Stefano Delle Monache edited the video Time as container of the shapes of all potential sonic interactions:

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