Call for music and papers for the 8th Sound and Music Computing Conference 2011

The 2011 8th Sound and Music Computing Conference is the forum for international exchanges around the core interdisciplinary topics of Sound and Music Computing. It will be hosted by Conservatory Cesare Pollini at the University of Padova, Italy, July 06-09 2011.

The calls for submission are two: music and paper. Important dates are here.

These are the conference topics:

  • 3D sound/music
  • Auditory display and data sonification
  • Automatic separation, recognition, classification of sound and music
  • Automatic music generation/accompaniment systems
  • Computational musicology
  • Computer environments for sound/music processing
  • Content processing of music audio signals
  • Digital audio effects
  • Interactive performance systems
  • Interfaces for sound and music
  • Models for sound analysis and synthesis
  • Multimodality in sound and music computing
  • Music and robotics
  • Music information retrieval
  • Music performance analysis and rendering
  • Perception and cognition of sound and music
  • Social interaction in sound and music computing
  • Sonic interaction design
  • Sound and music for VR and games
  • Sound/music and the neurosciences
  • Sound/music signal processing algorithms
  • Technologies for the preservation, access and modelling of musical heritage

For more information visit the contact page.

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