Sound designer for games at Electronic Arts

What is: sound design for all aspects of game audio development (sound design, music, dialog, etc.).

Why is interesting: the company offers fitness center, cafeteria, sports field, sand volleyball pit, basketball court and are within close proximity to the ocean as well as to Hollywood and the epicenter of the entertainment industry.

Who wants you: Bioware Victory, Electronic Arts’ dedicated Strategy Gaming studio, California, Los Angeles.

Full job description: Jobs Electronic Arts

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Gianpaolo D'Amico

Editor-in-chief at sounDesign
Gianpaolo D'Amico is an independent creative technologist for digital media. He is the founder of sounDesign and a music obsessed since he was 0 years old.


  1. I’m 19 years old. I’m from a suburb near Cleveland, Ohio and have been producing my own compositions for about four years now and don’t plan to stopping. In fact, I intend to include other ventures in addition to producing. I played my first game, Mortal Kombat for the Genesis, when I was 3 and have been a gamer ever since. This would be a dream job for me and I think I deserve the chance considering my dedication to my craft.

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