TED Talks about the color of Sound with artist Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson at TED Talks

Neil Harbisson at TED Talks

What is: artist Neil Harbisson spoke at the Ted Talks about his project dedicated to the perception of colors through Sound.

Why it is interesting: Neil described the electronic eye, a customized device able to detect the frequencies of colors in front of his head, which are sent to a chip mounted on the back in order to perceive sounds via bones vibrations. For first the device was used to provide an alternative and effective representation of colors, due to the fact that Neil is colorblind. But soon this became an artistic project for representing the sounds of the world in the form of a colored image, thus investigating new forms of expressions.

Perfect sentence:

…the way I dress has changed. Before, I used to dress in a way that it looked good. Now I dress in a way that it sounds good. So today I’m dressed in C major, so it’s quite a happy chord. If I had to go to a funeral, though, I would dress in B minor, which would be turquoise, purple and orange.

Full story: Ted Talks

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