Weekly sounds: the grave of Sound, the music branding of U2 and the demoniac spectrograph of Aphex Twin

Weekly soundsWhat was hot in the world of Sound during the last week? Let’s discover with the last news on Weekly Sounds.

We vould call it the grave of Sound and it is a crazy and provocative example of product sound design, if you care curious you can read Swedish Man Designs Surround-Sound Coffin…don’t ask for more:-)

Two cool articles about audio & music branding: lecturer in Music Psychology at Goldsmiths University tells Why Do Certain Songs Give You Goosebumps? and The Unforgettable Tribute: MLK, U2, and the Making of “Pride (In the Name of Love)”, a case study about one of the most influential song of 80s.

Do you remember the old story of subliminal message in music? Ok, we’re back and we can do it better via digital weapons, just using spectrographs: 11 Hidden Images Embedded Into Songs. Have fun with them.

spectrograph for [Equation] by Aphex Twin
spectrograph for [Equation] by Aphex Twin
Day In the Life of a Commercial Musician is a new interesting blog lead by Michael Musco, who published in this week two super useful posts for audio engineers and electronic musicians: Best Free VST Plugins: A List Every Musician Can Use and Upgrading your DAW: Garage Band Won’t Cut It, a first part of a series of articles about the Most Popular Digital Audio Workstation.

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