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This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Ok, Let’s do it!
Pack your stuff and leave!

That’s what I said to myself when I decided to move from Italy to Vancouver.’s not easy, it is not a picnic:)

I’ve started the Sound Design for Visual Media program at Vancouver Film School at the end of October 2012. There are 5 start dates you can choose for the SD program.

Carlo Ascrizzi

You can apply directly from the VFS website and an advisor will help you with the application process. After a short interview, you should fill the online application form. That’s a quite long questionnaire about your education, professional experiences and personal information.

This form also asks you the reason why you want to apply to VFS and what the sound design world means for you. You should answer about your work and life expectation and your ambition as well. Then you should send your advisor all your certificates and documentation. Finally you need a motivational letter and two references to complete the submission.

Carlo Ascrizzi

If English is not your first language then you need to show your ESL qualification certificate. Otherwise, after the application process, you can arrange an appointment with an ESL tester from VFS to attend the English test. After that the VFS Sound Department will judge your application.

If you are accepted the Admission Coordinator will contact you to start the enrollment process. This process is about student enrollment conditions, Visa and Student Permit documentation.

The school also supports you in planning your arrival in Vancouver and finding a proper accomodation, with your canadian medical insurance, general issues and orientation. It’s a bunch of stuff!!

But when everything it’s gonna be ok you will receive in your letter box the full acceptance documentation package from the school. At that time you better start thinking about your forthcoming trip to Vancouver!

It’s time to leave! 🙂

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Carlo Ascrizzi

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Freelance sound design and music artist Carlo Ascrizzi creates original sonic contents for film, animations, multimedia and beyond. From brand commissions to experimental collaborations, his work has reached international multimedia arts festivals, film award nominations and digital arts magazines. An all-round creative, tireless traveller, Carlo is also the author of SounDesign's beloved series One Year In Sound.


  1. Ciao Carlo, mi chiamo Alberto, vengo da padova e ho 20 anni.
    Avrei alcune domande da porti, avresti una mail oppure un altro contatto con cui possiamo scriverci?

    Grazie in anticipo!!


  2. ciao Alberto, trovi i contatti di Carlo nel suo SoundCloud, ma magari se vuoi aggiungere le tue domande qui nei commenti non sarebbe male, perchè potrebbe essere utile per tutti. A ogni modo oggi stesso pubblichiamo la prossima puntata, quindi se attendi un pochino magari molti tuoi dubbi verranno risolti:)

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