The Orientation day before diving into Sound

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Finally you are in Vancouver city! A week before the school kick-off you attend the orientation day. It’s time to meet your new classmates coming from all over the world!

However each VFS program takes part, so it could be a good opportunity to meet people from other campuses as well. But no worries, you have the opportunity to meet them again in your inter-campus projects and collaborations during your year at VFS.

The orientation day at VFS

The orientation day is held in a well known theater in the downtown. The VFS staff will give you the student package in which you can find your enrollment details and information. You proceed with the student registration and then you can find food and drinks in the lobby of the theatre. After that the presentation will start. It is a nice screening hour long about the VFS world.

VFS student package

When the screening session has ended then each new class can meet its Program Manager, who shows some details about the first week in sound design and gives you the schedule for the Term 1.

It’s time to take a picture! The VFS staff is waiting for you in the lobby taking Photo ID’s for the student lanyards.

The presentation is finished. Now in the same location you can visit the Vendor Fair for information about your stay in Vancouver. They have cell phone and internet plans, banking, medical insurance information, housing and more.

In the next days there is another smaller orientation day. It’s a clever meeting for who is new to Vancouver. The student service staff helps you for any kind of enquires, orientation in Van city and so on. Enjoy your stay!

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