Term 1 part 2: mr. Pro Tools and the digital sound of anxiety

Pro Tools session

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Another important step in term 1 is the Intro to Pro Tools course. The software skills are essential for a career in Sound and the VFS school promises you will become an expert in main industry standard tools. One of the most important of them is definitely mr. Avid Pro Tools.

You will basically learn about the software shortcuts and the main functions. The course focuses on the following topics:

  • sessions file structures organization;
  • extensive use of editing tools;
  • how to build an efficient workflow.

You’ll go through the process of how to deliver your editorial work and as result this course is the first hands on in what are the main skills for a professional Audio Editor!

For your intro to Pro Tools final assignment you have to create a 1 minute-long soundscape about a human emotion. You should create the soundscape following literally a quite long technical guideline based on everything covered in the course.

Oh, and let me offer you some impartial advice…

Follow the rules!

During term 1 you will also go deeply into the digital audio signal processing concepts, learning about AD and DA conversion and the digital signal processing, including filtering and sample & hold circuits, quantization, word clock, DSP, dither, truncation. Different file formats used in the industry will be analyzed as well.

One of the tricky aspects in the audio world could be synchronization and timecode. Now you go through visual media frame rates, television standards, Telecine transfers and television scanning techniques. You learn the importance of AAF and EDL files as well.

At the end here I am: if you are curious, you can hear my final assignment for the Pro tools course below. The emotion I chose was: Anxiety.

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