Weekly sounds: Control music with brain, Audiobus applications and the deathly danger of noise

Weekly soundsAnother roundup of news on the world of Sound with with Weekly Sounds, let’ start.

We inserted it as one of the hottest stories of 2012: Audiobus app is changing the way we work with audio softwares on iOS. Two interesting articles on this topic this week: JACK for iOS: Audio and MIDI Between Apps, High Performance, Free and Apple adopts Audiobus iOS multitasking solution with GarageBand update.

In the same context we highlight the release of Amazing Audio Engine, a framework for iOS audio applications. Have a look also if you are not a programmer.

The amazing Audio Engine

Fourth post on our series One day in Sound: our co-author Carlo tells his own experience at VFS in  Term 1 part 2: mr. Pro Tools and the digital sound of anxiety.

Two interesting stories on the work of composition and sound design in videogames: Inside Forza Motorsport, Part II: Making The Cars Sound Awesome and The State of the MMO: Creating a Soundscape, Part 1.

Everybody knows that one of the tech trends of the next years is brain-driven communication, so also audio will be affected. Some interesting experimentations are obviously in the field of music: Mico Headphones Let Your Brainwaves Choose The Music is an interesting prototype to follow (video below).

Are you hungry for tech articles on audio engineering? Randy Coppinger shares his own experience in studio with Voice Processing – Boosts.

Last news for this week is Noise Kills: When Everyday Sound Becomes Torture, a dramatic article about the dangers of acoustic noise, like told in the story of musician Jason DiEmilio, who took his life due to a rare acoustic trauma called hyperacusis, responsible for amplyfing levels of loudness in human’s brain.

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