Surreal Sound Effects for a butterfly in Vancouver

sfx session

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Term 2 it’s hard! You deal with more projects at the same time.

The purpose is learning how to manage more deadlines using your time cleverly after classes and… during the week end. But often there are classes on Saturday and/or Sunday as well. You have few bigger assignments to work on. At the very beginning it may be hard but a bunch of new experiences are coming!

sfx session

The Post Audio Editing is one of the main topics during this term. You go deep into Dialogue, SFX (sound effects), SPFX (subjective/surreal sound effects) and BGs (Backgrounds) editing.

Dialogue editing is a technical job. You learn about organizational protocols, AAF file, advanced editing tools and also how to program, edit and spot ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement). At the end you will be able to deal with a real ADR session for a short movie, working side by side with the VFS acting students. It’s a nice experience and you also figure out how to handle with actors.

SFX, SPFX and BGs classes are arranged in workshop style. Each day of class you will be charged with a new edit project to deliver within the same day or in the next class. Every time the teachers review your job. Totally this is a great way to improve your skills! You keep learning well about sync, POV changes, BGs layering, frequencies layering, just to mention a few.

Especially the SPFX classes are really challenging. You need to focus both on technique and creativity and the in-class projects and the videos for the final are very exiting!

Here is my Butterfly Effect SPFX editing. Check it out!

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Carlo Ascrizzi

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Freelance sound design and music artist Carlo Ascrizzi creates original sonic contents for film, animations, multimedia and beyond. From brand commissions to experimental collaborations, his work has reached international multimedia arts festivals, film award nominations and digital arts magazines. An all-round creative, tireless traveller, Carlo is also the author of SounDesign's beloved series One Year In Sound.


  1. Hi Vfsgrad,

    You’re right, next Terms are more difficult than previous Terms.
    Term 2 , as I wrote in the article, represents a change in terms of workload and time managing.
    As result, this is a challenge for who is learning how this industry works.

  2. Great job Carlo! Does the school provide you with sound fx libraries or do you have to use your own ones???

  3. Hi Matias,

    It some projects you have to use your own sounds only. In others it’s up to you. However the school does provide you with huge sound libraries.
    Thank you for your comment!

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