Be bold and never give up to mr. Max

Max patch

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Term 3 starts with the Max course, the visual programming language by Cycling ’74 for MIDI and audio. You will learn the fundamentals of the language and the main functions.

After the solid knowledge basement in synthesis and signal flow of the previous Term, you are going to build real-time algorithms in this very powerful programming environment. You will go through the different objects, MIDI core, randomness and so on (what?!), building up your first patches and your skills in order to face the final assignment.

In addiction to a theoretical test you’re asked to develop a Random Music Machine as final project… let’s play random melodies!

So don’t give up and start struggling with Mr. Max!

In term 3 few classes are also spent on the Team Building course. It’s about learn how to work in a team, resolving differences and getting the most from a work group… so basically how NOT to fight with your teammates!

Jokes aside, it is very handy and participative! Also you will have other classes find-job oriented in the last term.

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Carlo Ascrizzi

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