Weekly sounds: the Sound of a House, the Sound of Windows

Weekly soundsNew round-up on what happened in the world of Sound in these days thanks to the section Weekly Sounds.

We know Tim Prebble is unstoppable, so don’t miss to have a look to Sd013 Metal Resonance, his new SFX library released at HISS and a ROAR.

Capturing sounds of a mysterious house with a sound designer called Foley? Yes, you can! But you have to read Sounds of a House 🙂

Sound of a House

We published again two articles: Be bold and never give up to mr. Max, the weekly post of One Year in Sound about the adventures of our contributor Carlo Ascrizzi at VFS, and Max & games mix ok with Sound, a new and funny interview with Alessio Mellina, audio artist currently working at Electronic Arts Canada.

The difference between the sense of hearing and the skill of listening is attention

is a great quote from Why Listening Is So Much More Than Hearing, an interesting article by Seth S. Horowitz, auditory neuroscientist at Brown University and author of The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind.

Ok, I know… we already know the story… but it’s one of the first examples of modern sonic logo, so you better this story: Creating the Windows 95 Startup Sound, what and how Brian Eno composed for Microsoft Windows (video below).

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