Weekly sounds: sound designers interviews, Man of Steel and the guide to music production

Weekly sounds

New round-up on what happened in the world of Sound in these days thanks to the section Weekly Sounds.

Again our most successful tweet of the week is dedicated to learning audio engineering: The Basics Of Music Production: The Complete Guide is a list very useful tutorials on setting up a home studio, recording audio, using virtual instruments and so on.

The basic of music production on Life Hacker Australia

Another emotional post in One Year in Sound by Carlo Ascrizzi: Tchick, tchick, tchick: imaginary soundscapes for weird people.

It’s the week of interviews to sound designers and musicians. Here you can see them as a list to click:

The Sound design of Man of Steel is the story of the Sound and music of one of the eagerly-awaited mainstream movies of the last months. You can watch the videos story directly below.

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  1. It is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing all experiences to us. I enjoyed the film superman and its sound design.

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