Weekly sounds: the silence of a sound designer, Steve Reich on the train and SFX resources

Weekly sounds

Welcome to Weekly Sounds, to help you stay up to date with the world of Sound and Audio design.

Are you searching the quietest place in the world? You better read Going Deaf, Sound Expert Races to Finish His Life’s Work, the emotional story of audio engineer Gordon Hempton about his project One Square Inch of Silence.

Gordon Hempton

Is our Carlo Ascrizzi going sleepless? Discover the new One Year in Sound adventure in Gimme one more night in the mix lab couch.

Two series of tutorials about audio engineering to follow day by day: The Beginner’s Guide To #Mixing [Part 3] and The A to Z of #ComputerMusic: F.

If you love Steve Reich you have to read Train Fragments Is An Immersive Audiovisual Performance Inspired By Steve Reich, an articole about the last installation by Herman Kolgen at MUTEK in Montreal (watch the video below).

Are you searching for sound effects? Sound Effects Article Roundup #4 is a great list by Paul Virostek. I hope he will update this continuously because it’s a great resource.

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