First step to the 5.1 Theatre and some footsteps inside the bunker

Tascam session

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Mixing during Term 4 is an important step before facing the next terms related to the topic of Theater System.

First of all you have to refresh your memory going deeper and deeper into the synchronization concepts… do you remember? Back to the days, you learnt stuff like television scanning, clocks, sync, time code, frame rates, conversions and so on…

In addition an overall introduction of the theatre setup is included, such as the Pro Tools HD Systems, satellite mode, transferring between mix rooms. Then, few classes are spent looking closely the Machine Room, learning more about signal flow and wiring. You have chance to practice the Tape system, using the Tascam DA-98HR… :-).

Now it’s time to go back to your Mix lab. You need to pre-mix a short movie with your team. In the Pre-Mixing course you get the difference between pre-mixing and mixing, deliverable requirements and pre-mixed Stems, Dub stage. You have a deeper overview about automation modes and how the DPE (Destructive Punch Enabled) works. The final goal is a delivery for the final mix stage. At the very end you and your team will received a review from the instructor, screening the pre-mixed short movie in the Mix lab.

Premix session with ProTools

Last step before the break is an introduction about mixing in term 5, or Oh man, we’re screwed introduction, I should say :-).

In the meantime you are introduced to the Dolby Encoding and Decoding, LCRS, LtRt, 5.1 with assignment and test included ;). You are introduced to the final stage processing, learning a lot about EQ, compression, limiting, effects. You are going to mix films dude, so now the world is in surround!!

For another assignment you explore in depth all the reverb parameters of plugins such as Reverb One and ReVibe in order to design the right reverb for a bunch of footsteps, from an hallway to a bunker..

Here some samples… check them out!

Carlo Ascrizzi

Electronic Musician, Composer, Live Electronic Performer and Sound Designer freelance. Carlo Ascrizzi was admitted at the Sound Design for Visual Media program at VFS in Canada, from which is publishing the story of his experience for learning and living the Sound.