Weekly sounds: lost sounds restoring, YouTube free Audio Library and audio synthesis with JavaScript

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for a new post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources on the world of Sound and Audio.

Weekly sounds

Our picks of the week

Two interesting articles this week about the relation between music and our mind: How music makes us feel better, the report of an experiment made with a group of patients at the Teikyo University’s Department of Surgery (Tokyo, Japan), and How Music Can Boost Your Memory, a guest post by Annie Murphy Paul showing that the use songs and rhymes could support in remembering relevant structures of information.

How Genius Carl Haber Restores Long-Lost Sounds is the story of Carl Haber, an experimental physicist who built some novel solutions to preserve sound recordings which are in a state of heavy inaccessibility and deterioration.

Carl Haber Audio Preservationist

If you go crazy for analogue and vintage technology you better read and watch the amazing pictures in Petar Dundov is totally obsessed with analogue gear, an article about the studio of this Zagreb-based electronic musician, a place full of fantastic old (but really not old…) audio tech stuff.

I guess it is one of the most interesting stories ever published in One Year in Sound: Carlo now has to face a big challenge for building his future career in The hard science of selling yourself as a professional sound designer.

If you are a web developer or want to start in creating sounds in a browser Audio Synthesis in JavaScript is an interesting step-by-step tutorial (with snippets of code) about how to use JavaScript language and Web Audio API to generate a simple sound box with oscillators. Have fun with it and be inspired to go deeper with code.

Will YouTube be the next SFX libraries platform? Maybe not, but some days ago the YouTube Audio Library was officially launched and this could mean a lot for the future of Internet audio. Read the official post Free Music for Your YouTube Videos and watch the video teaser below.

The best from other Sound lovers

The secrets of sound synthesis in a series of 64 articles? Yes, Sound on Sound started this great challenge and you can begin from Synth Secrets, Part 4: Of Filters & Phase Relationships.

And if you are not yet satisfied, you can also read Interview: Rob Papen, Synthesis Pioneer Talks Tech, a deep discussion on AskAudio Magazine about the topics of hardware synths and the creation of plug-ins.

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