The 24 Hours test to become a sound designer for games

mixing session soundesign-vfs

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi

Beside Mixing, don’t forget this is also the last Game Audio step. So, as all those mixing projects were not enough, you have a lot of work to do even from this side, and among them, your game audio final project!!

In this course there are few lectures and a lot of workshop-style classes to give you time to work on your own. You are going to explore interactive music techniques in Wwise and will analyze real-world game industry examples. You’ll learn how to layer stems with real-time parameters in relation to user status, player health and so on. Also how to design real-time changes and music stinger triggers.

wwwise session

Another lecture is about car engine looping components, car layering and real-time blending fundamentals, either in Wwise and FMOD.

Furthermore, a class is spent as an introduction to the Unreal 3 UDK Game Engine, its module structures and functions such as Sound Cues and SoundNode Waves. In the next classes you will get the chance to learn about Sound Forge, accomplishing essential digital manipulation techniques.

The last meeting is about skills for preparing resumes, cover letters, interviews, presentation and portfolios, specifically for the game industry.

Well… are you ready now for the 24 Hours Test Package? This test is based on what the game companies often require to test the skills and creative abilities of new applicants. You will receive the test package including a short game video trailer and small sound library. You are restricted to use only these sounds, but you can choose to use them just as source files, manipulating and creating whatever you want… infinite possibilities! You will have just less than a 24 hours period to complete the test, including the entire process, from the creation stage to the final mix, ready to go… challenging!!

So here we are, this is what I did, check it out!

Carlo Ascrizzi

Electronic Musician, Composer, Live Electronic Performer and Sound Designer freelance. Carlo Ascrizzi was admitted at the Sound Design for Visual Media program at VFS in Canada, from which is publishing the story of his experience for learning and living the Sound.