Everything is in your hands in the Term 6 final project

Carlo with Aditya Yadav

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Last step of your year at VFS!

Term 6 is mostly about your final post-production project, plus few small side assignments and final deliveries.

Before the beginning of this term, you have already chosen the video for your Final, obtained the owner permissions and submitted all the work-papers. The video should be no longer than about 3 or 4 minutes, but you can still edit it, if longer. Usually game trailers, short movie and short animations are the best choices. So, after bureaucracy and premises, you have your video file and you are ready to go!

From now everything is in your hands. Only an handful of classes along the entire term and a lot of free time to work. Even if it may sound good, everything depends on your ability to manage the time. Since the first day, you have to schedule everything, and I really mean… everything!!

It’s a challenge on your time managing skills and professionalism, as well as your technical knowledge.

So, here we are, first day of the term, and the first thing you are asked to do is… a well scheduled plan of your work, with weekly goals and deadlines, using calendar apps, notes, or whatever you prefer…

Beside the work for your school masterpiece, you jump again on the Professional Skills classes,  in which you will improve your abilities on facing job interviews. Also, in few lectures more, you will analyze how to deal with contracts, copyright, licensing and budgeting.

There is still time to work on your last game audio assignment. You will be creating assets for a cars game, delivering engines sounds, horns, traffic, nitrous, rumbles, idles. This time you learn how to implement your asset using Unity.

In addition, before the end of the term, you have to deliver a personal sound library, at least 250 Mb in size, using whatever sound you recorded or created within the last months of school. This is not just an assignment, but firsts and for most, a way to contribute to the awesome VFS Students Sound Library, which you still will have access once that the school is over!

Few meetings are spent to practice basic video editing, playing around with some short movie and then learning about DVD Authoring. Those video technical concepts will help you out to edit your final first, and have skills to create a blu-ray DVD of your videos, later on. Also it will help you to create your personal presentation slate and the class video for your graduation day, but wait… one thing at a time!

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