The power of sonic storytelling with Jad Abumrad

Amber Mac interviews RadioLab‘s founder Jad Abumrad on Dialed, the section of Fast Company about creative and productive people.

Before dedicating his mind and ears to the universe of radio, Jab was a music composer for films/documentaries and this was surely crucial for what he created after.

The short video interview talks about the intimate value of podcasts, the need to continuosly hear what we are saying and finally the power that sonic storytelling has for companies today.

One funny thing: watch Jab in the video interview at 0.16 sec and again at 2.03 sec in the 2011 documentary Sound by SoundCloud. Compare them together: is he using his own voice to create the same sound? 🙂

via FastCompany

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  1. I don’t really undersatnd his advice in the first video though. what do you think he means that you have to hear yourself for 3 seconds?

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