Weekly sounds: home studio ergonomics, Novation short film and cage of sound

Here we go again with a new post on Weekly Sounds, the section dedicated to the most inspiring resources on the world of Sound. Weekly sounds

Our picks of the week

AudioOrb is a six-foot transparent sphere-shaped cage with 18 speakers mounted at the bottom, in order to give an immersive and isolated experience of hearing for people inside. Promoted as the real wall of sound, AudioOrb will be built in only two units and eventually bought on IndieGogo.


Are you sitting correctly when moving knobs and pressing buttons? Do you want to know something more about ergonomics at work? Ten Minute Master – Home Studio Ergonomics is a must-read guide by The Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors Site.

Temporary blindness ‘boosts hearing’ could be a solution to hearing loss. Indeed some researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland reported whether mice are kept in the dark for a week, their brain could react enhancing the sense of hearing.

Past, present, and future of Novation in a celebratory short documentary and a free sample pack library including more than 800MB of several different sounds from Supernova II, K Station, Bass Station, Drum Station, Bass Station II and Ultranova.

Sometimes you fall in love with the sound, sometimes with its spectrogram… Beautiful spectrograms is a funny tumblr dedicated to the visual representations of Sound.

The best from other Sound lovers

Composing game audio is an exercise in drawing lines between what your client (read boss) needs/wants and the creative ideas in your head

Do you want to know more about this issue? Read The Fundamentals of Composing Game Audio, a post by Josh Aker on Ask Audio sharing best practices to work in the game audio industry.

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