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Our picks of the week

Do you want to see an Oscar for sound effect libraries? The Audio Spotlight launched the Sample developer awards 2014, where you can vote and see the best of the best about the world of sound creation. Deadline: April 3rd 2014.

High density notes music means more or less making noise with MIDI tracks composed of 1M+ notes. If you want to find out more about this micro genre impossibile to read with conventional musical notation standards you can finally read the Guide to Black MIDI. Below you can watch a video called Bad Apple!! (3.5M notes).

Surely we are very worried about Pro Tools and its future. Is Avid OK…Or Not? What the NASDAQ Delisting Really Means to Pro Tools Users describes the current state and some directions pointed out by pro-users of our beloved software.

App Store audience just isn’t buying premium games anymore

This is one of the quotes shared by executive producer Nicky Birch in Meet Papa Sangre creator Somethin’ Else, the UK studio pioneering audio game development, an interview about the market of game apps and Audio Defence: Zombie Arena, a brand new audio-based game to be launched soon with a different business model. You can watch a teaser of the game below.

Has the war for music domination really really really exploded? Yep and you will quickly find out why comparing two articles: Spotify acquires The Echo Nest to build a better music discovery engine, will keep API free for developers and Beats Music API goes public, could be on a device near you soon. Whether you are not satisfied you can add a third player to this scenario: Gracenote taps Musicmetric to help identify new artists before they go mainstream.

Underwater music concert makes waves reports Wet Sounds, a music concert and artistic installation touring in UK, where people in a swimming pool can listen to music underwater.

origami microphone

How to Make a Microscope Out of Paper in 10 Minutes shows a new microphone which can be printed on paper and built with some components for less than a dollar. Developed by Stanford bioengineer Manu Prakash and his team with the aim to build a cheap medical screening tool, this origami microphone was presented at the TED talk you can watch below.

Do you have kids? Be careful: Sound Machines May Be Hazardous to Infant Hearing reports a research from the University of Toronto about sleep machines and the dangerous effects that decibels can cause in the ears of babies whether places too close (only one foot).

Novel solutions for mobile audio: Prescient AudioCase for iPhone 5/5s & Galaxy S4 is a project on Kickstarter promoting a case for delivering high quality audio which exploits CES Innovation Award-winning ThinDriverâ„¢ Technology. Now it is in state of protoype and you can watch the teaser below.

From the horn antenna of one of the most important telescopes in history we know now that a scientist from Bell Labs in New Jersey can play the sound of first photons to be created after the Big Bang with his own smartphone. You Can Still Hear the Hiss of the Big Bang is an amazing story about Sound, science and history.

Aren’t you satisfied about all the buzz around Gravity‘s oscars awards for sound category? Whether you want more you can read Behind-the-Scenes with Gravity and From Music Editor to Oscar Winning Composer: The Surprising Story Behind the Music of ‘Gravity’.

The best from other Sound lovers

Did you decide to enter the world of sound design and you need a place to start? Sound and Video artist Emily Halberstadt published On Every Sound Resource I’ve Learned From So Far, a great list of books, websites, podcasts, tutorials and guides, games and other random interesting links. Save it in you favorite bookmark manager NOW!

Interesting historical post by Livi Wilmore: Sound Designer Profile: Jason Schwartz remembers the work of one of the most relevant sound designers & archivists of the period between 60s and 70s, also known for the famous Daisy campaign, that you can watch below.

The watcher self is the report by Head Composer & Sound-Designer Paul Sumpter about his experience of work of sound-design and music on a score for The Watcher Self.

[With music] You’re not creating new behaviors, you’re tapping into existing behaviors and amplifying them by using different musical genres.

This is a quote from Great minds on music: an interview with James Hilton, the new episode for Great Minds on Music series by iV2.

Last two interesting posts by two big ones to read: 5 Cool and Unique Music Making Apps For iPad by Toby Pitman at Ask Audio magazine and A Surround Sound System You Can Carry Like an Umbrella, ‘Anywhere’ by Create digital music.

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