Weekly sounds: Chromecast ultrasonic connection, brainwaves music and revolution in hearing loss

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Chromecast will use ultrasonic sounds to pair your TV with your friend’s phones: what I have to say more? No need of Wi-Fi to connect the magical stick with nearby mobile devices. We better start talking about ultrasonic networking as the next big thing for this year.

Do you remember It Came From Outer Space? The Mad Doctor of Blood Island? The Creature From the Black Lagoon? Horror b-movies with amazing music (and sound design I would say) which risk to be lost forever, if it were not for David Schecter, founder of the Monstrous Movie Music label, who is hardly working to create and maintain an archive of those vintage sounds. Read his story in Preserving The Sound and Music of Horror Films and have fun watching/listening the trailer of The Brain From Planet Arous (1957).

Why 3D audio on Netflix will cement the internet as the home of 4K confirms that, after the announcement of Dolby on Atmos 3d-sound technology ready for home cinemas, Netflix is testing new technologies to add sound in the 4K video stream. A new market is potentially ready to sound professionals.

Hope for people with hearing loss: ‘Revolutionary’ ear probe could transform treatment of hearing loss reports the work of some researchers from the School of Biomedical Engineering at Dalhousie University, who are testing the first ultrasound imaging ear probe which is 10 times smaller than other devices used to inspect the inner structure of the ear. A short video about the project can be watched below.

Audio branding in physical spaces: 6 Area Soundtracks From Walt Disney World That You’ll NEVER Stop Whistling lists the background music songs used in the park, which are played with the goal to generate different soundscapes related to the areas. An example (The Seas with Nemo and Friends area) can be watched/listened below.

The best music instrument ever? Your brain… and a little bit of EEG technology. 10 Pieces Of Music Created With Brainwaves shows some of the most exciting experiments of music of the last years, where artists take advantage of technologies to read brainwaves for creating new soundscapes. Among the most interesting we can watch the subConch an interactive installation.

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