Do you remember when you were a teenager and at the park you were dreaming about how would have been like if one day your vibrations would have turned into music? Now that dream came true. And above all, we are talking about electronic music.

Experience Helmet, realized by the Lithuanian artist Aiste Noreikate, looks like a motorcyclist helmet but turns your childhood dreams into reality. A sound installation on yourself, a dream that finally comes true. High and low tones are combined to develop an electronic beat, totally produced by your thoughts vibrations.

The experience helmet

Originally devised and designed during a course at the University of the Arts in London, the helmet was built on top of the Neurosky headset, an EEG system capable of intercepting brain’s neurons activity and then showing its vibrations extent, emphasizing the curve according to the subject’s attitude, whether he/she is meditative or not.

A system that works on a scale that goes from 0 to 100, measuring the exact level on this same order. Then every number is transcribed into a frequency, indicating a louder sound for a fast and relaxed level, whereas a faster and more rhythmic tone would show more brain activity.

Experience Helmet turns one’s vibrations into moderns sounds, electronics and minimalist, following the example of the artist and composer La Monte Young. The more active your thought activity, the more chaotic is the beat. And when two tones travel on a different frequency, is there that the brain, according to Noreikaite, produces the binaural beat, a frequency that vibes at 10 Hz within the brain, that corresponds to alpha vibrations, i.e. those that are working when you are in a deep state of meditation.

Nevertheless, this state has never been completely measured and the inventor promised to us that he will carry on exploring thoroughly on the subject in the next future. The Experience Helmet might turn into a system to treat anxiety and therefore an extremely powerful non-invasive antidepressant.

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Lorenzo Salmi

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