GroundBIRD is a Music & Sound Design studio for TV, Film and Online productions.

The studio has created audio for global and national brands alike. You can find out about some of their recent work on their site.

Here we’d like to focus on Reynard the Fox, a tasty project these lads released recently. What’s involved here is deep knowledge of sampling techniques as well as the importance of looking always for an original and customised sound.

And so… why not sampling old vinyls with orchestra stuff on them, instead of using a plug-in? 😉

Reynard the Fox – GroundBIRD

Groundbird is a Music & Sound Design studio for TV, Film and Online productions.Can you guess what sound source they used to sample these orchestral chops?

Posted by sounDesign on Friday, September 29, 2017

Andy Thomson, sound designer at GroundBIRD says about this choice:

“I created the music and sound design using a heap of really old vinyl records titled ‘Instruments of the Orchestra’ they run through every instrument of the orchestra individually playing scales one note at a time; I sampled all these and made custom instruments from them, then created the music from there”

In fact, this is not a usual digital-like background sound we might be used to; enjoy this work.

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