sounDesign tutorial #1: How to create cinematic textures in 5 minutes

An original series of tutorials based on Ableton Live built-in plugins.

Learn how to craft your unique sound design in this original series of Ableton Live tutorials!

This is a brand new format: 3 to 5 minutes video tutorials, simple and fresh, all done with built-in Ableton plugins. Sound Designer Giuseppe Caiazzo (Silence + Other Sounds) will share with you his personal techniques and secrets on found sound, audio processing, synthesis.

In this video:

Step 1. Beat a mic stand.

Step 2. Add a FX chain.

Step 3. Enjoy your cinematic textures.

Step 4. Implement them into your production.


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Giuseppe Caiazzo

Giuseppe Caiazzo

Sound Designer, Music Producer at Silence+OtherSounds
Giuseppe Caiazzo is an Italian electronic artist and sound designer currently based in the UK. Constantly experimenting with creative sampling, synthesis and sound manipulation, Giuseppe's interest touches downtempo productions (released under the moniker of SMHERTZ), film/TV Music and game sound design. His passion for sound and music production together with his academic background in signal processing converge in his multifaceted project Silence+OtherSounds Music.
Giuseppe Caiazzo