sounDesign was founded in 2006 with the mission to cover the most exciting stories on Trends, Innovation and Business in the world of Sound.

Our team speaks to creatives, executives and entrepreneurs, and delivers an international perspective on the latest news, resources and ideas about Sound Design, Audio Branding, Sound libraries, Mobile apps, Video Games, Sonic Interaction Design, Sonification, Acoustic Research and more.

In 2015 sounDesign became part of a media platform created in partnership with Sonoport, Singapore-based start-up at the forefront of innovation in sound and technology.

SounDesign Team

Sonoport Executive Team

  • Fredrik Brostrom, Co-Founder and Partnership Director
  • Rob Adlington, Director of Product Design
  • Peter Bäck, Senior Director of Platform
  • Sara Lenzi, Director of Marketing
  • Aqilah Misuary, Social Media Coordinator

About Sonoport

With a strong focus on technology, in particular on HTML5 and web audio, Sonoport is working closely with sound content providers, creative agencies and brand partners to shape the future of Sound on the web.

Sound Exchange will be Sonoport’s shared space where sound designers, agencies, brands and consumer can all interact with sound, dynamically on any connected device.

In early 2016 we released Sonigram, the web app that allows anybody to easily combine sounds with visual and share them on Social Media. leveraging the immense communication power of sound.

If you are a creative, a media agency or a brand willing to use the engaging power of sound in your campaigns, read more about Sonigram here and get in touch! We are in invite-only mode for Sonigram based campaigns.

If you are a sound professional looking for novel ways to distribute your works, please contact us at contact@sonoport.com.

Interested in contributing to sounDesign? Check out our contact page.