Weekly sounds: GoPro-like headphone and audio connection with locked-in patients

Another post on Weekly Sounds, with the most inspiring stories about the world of Sound Communication. It seems…


When Research in Computer Science and Mathematics love Music (thanks to Big Data too)

Interview with CEO of startup working in the field of music intelligence services.


Weekly sounds: Google piano, new Theremin and audio advertising

Another post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources and stories on the world of Sound Communication….


Weekly sounds: Chromecast ultrasonic connection, brainwaves music and revolution in hearing loss

Great last 7 days of Sound and then a new post on Weekly Sounds is ready, to…


The urban soundscape of Sao Paulo during the World Cup

A video shows the sounds of San Paulo when Brazil scores the World Cup. Sometimes software developers…


How to record the sounds of whisky and don’t get drunk (maybe)

A sound-based music video to tell the story of the whisky making process in the west coast…


Weekly sounds: turntablism for illustration art, sound-only website and music of insects

Another post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources on the world of Sound Communication. Our picks…


Sounds of The Cross: a short movie telling the last days of Christ with Sound

Sounds of the cross is a short film using sounds to tell the story of the last…


Weekly sounds: 3d printed speakers, virtual symphony with touchscreens and our relationship with sound

Disney Research, what music does to your brain, installation in submarine and more.


Weekly sounds: bad foley for Star Wars, drones rockstars and groove in music

Flying robots playing instruments, music in films, brainwave sensors based installations.

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