Weekly sounds: Apple Watch k-chit sound and Ford Mustang fake noise

After some months of small activity, welcome again to Weekly Sounds, a series of quick articles to help…


You need that job: opportunities in Music industry come from online networks

Interview with the founder of BantaMu, online network for professionals in the music industry.


Senior Sound Designer at Idee und Klang

Senior Sound Designer (m/f) with experience in project management


Sound in porn movies: are foley artists the next creators of sexual noise?

Are sounds of porn movies real? All those noises, moans, squeezes and so on. Did adult industry…


Weekly sounds: (old) sounds from modern typewriters and in-browser generative music

Welcome to Weekly Sounds, to help you stay up to date with the best resources about Sound Communication. After…


Weekly sounds: GoPro-like headphone and audio connection with locked-in patients

Another post on Weekly Sounds, with the most inspiring stories about the world of Sound Communication. It seems…


When Research in Computer Science and Mathematics love Music (thanks to Big Data too)

Interview with CEO of startup working in the field of music intelligence services.


Weekly sounds: Google piano, new Theremin and audio advertising

Another post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources and stories on the world of Sound Communication….


Weekly sounds: Chromecast ultrasonic connection, brainwaves music and revolution in hearing loss

Great last 7 days of Sound and then a new post on Weekly Sounds is ready, to…


The urban soundscape of Sao Paulo during the World Cup

A video shows the sounds of San Paulo when Brazil scores the World Cup. Sometimes software developers…

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