Weekly sounds: Chromecast ultrasonic connection, brainwaves music and revolution in hearing loss

Great last 7 days of Sound and then a new post on Weekly Sounds is ready, to…


The urban soundscape of Sao Paulo during the World Cup

A video shows the sounds of San Paulo when Brazil scores the World Cup. Sometimes software developers…


How to record the sounds of whisky and don’t get drunk (maybe)

A sound-based music video to tell the story of the whisky making process in the west coast…


Weekly sounds: turntablism for illustration art, sound-only website and music of insects

Another post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources on the world of Sound Communication. Our picks…


Sounds of The Cross: a short movie telling the last days of Christ with Sound

Sounds of the cross is a short film using sounds to tell the story of the last…


Weekly sounds: 3d printed speakers, virtual symphony with touchscreens and our relationship with sound

Disney Research, what music does to your brain, installation in submarine and more.


Weekly sounds: bad foley for Star Wars, drones rockstars and groove in music

Flying robots playing instruments, music in films, brainwave sensors based installations.


Weekly sounds: Sound dance with fire, white noise apps and robotic band for Squarepusher

New post full of pre-easter chocolate on Weekly Sounds, to help you stay up to date with the best resources…


What sound professionals think about Neil Young’s Pono + [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you don’t live in another universe you know what is happening around Neil Young’s Pono project and…


Google Night Walk plays with Sound and it’s cool

A new website experience by Google has been built from the work of Julie de Muer, a…

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