Vivero Tomoko acoutisc shelter by MottoWasabi/Anna Salonen & Yuki Abe

Interior design can control the noise that is driving you crazy

Last Design Week Furniture Fair's hot topic was the intersection between acoustic and interior design, in order to provide some solution to the noise within some special places (open plan offices, restaurants etc.)
Nokia ringtone

20,000 times per second in a day: the history of Nokia’s ringtone

May of 2003: last days of schools with all the thoughts already pointed towards the summer holidays. The bell rings, indicating that classes are...
Sound poster by Trapped in Suburbia

Sound poster is the triumph of Kandinsky’s synaesthesia

The modern poster in the 21st century dates back to the mid-1800s when the printing industry refined colour lithography and made mass production feasible. Today, a poster...
Luke Twyman

Luke Twyman: when the interactive designer becomes a sonic explorer

This post originally appeared on Sonoport Blog. Interview with Luke Twyman, interactive designer freelancer and creator of Whitevinyl, one of the most exciting playground for...

Give people the seeds to grow a melody: interview to Lullatone

Interview to the creators of Patatap and Typatone, some of the most compelling projects of sound communication in the web of the latest years.
Silent Partner

A glorious device for all the victims of the symphony of snoring noises

It’s like magic! Introducing the Silent Partner, the world’s first smart patch to quiet snoring noises.
Photo by San Mateo Medical Center

Playing music can heal your soul when you are under surgery

Medicine and music taught us to go in one direction probably. Music as a cure for the soul dates back to the ancient Greek philosophers such...
Hampton's Hand-crafted lightsabers

May the Sound be with you (and, if you can, get your own lightsaber)

Star Wars. Two words that can mean almost the world to everyone who is passionate about sci-fi movies and, more generally, epic stories on...
Jumper website

What if you can listen to music in Google Street View?

Jumper is a new project of sound communication on the web which allows you to live a musical experience on Google Street View.