Archive 81

From found­footage horror movies to found­footage stories in audio: listen to (and be scared...

Interview with the founders of Archive 81, an audio drama on podcast based on the use of voice, sound design and various sonic elements.
3maze last sound libraries

From grandfather’s tape recorder to high fidelity sounds: interview with the founder of 3Maze...

Interview with the founder of 3Maze studio for Sound Effects, Foley and loops.
David Bowie by Tom Colbie

Is there sound on Mars? The mystery of generating and receiving sounds on the...

“Is there life on Mars?”, Bowie sings in of the same name song of 1973, number one in the 100 Greatest Songs of All...
The experience helmet

Turn your neurons into electronic beats via a motorcycle helmet

The Experience Helmet is a sound installation developed to turn brain activity in eletronic beats via an EEG system.
Prof. Trevor Cox at University of Salford

The world’s most amazing acoustic phenomena: interview with prof. Trevor Cox

Interview with Trevor Cox - author of the book Sonic Wonderland, A Scientific Odyssey of Sound and professor of Acoustic Engineering.
Synthesising Sounds with Web Audio API

Synthesising Sounds with Web Audio API

This post is part of the series Make Noise with Web Audio API and originally appeared on Sonoport Tech Blog. We’re excited to kick off a...
Music for Programming

Music for Programming: curated playlists for the productivity nerd

Interview to the founder of Music for Programming, a project dedicated to the curation of music playlists for productive developers and more.
Vivero Tomoko acoutisc shelter by MottoWasabi/Anna Salonen & Yuki Abe

Interior design can control the noise that is driving you crazy

Last Design Week Furniture Fair's hot topic was the intersection between acoustic and interior design, in order to provide some solution to the noise within some special places (open plan offices, restaurants etc.)
Nokia ringtone

20,000 times per second in a day: the history of Nokia’s ringtone

May of 2003: last days of schools with all the thoughts already pointed towards the summer holidays. The bell rings, indicating that classes are...