Sound Designer at King

What is Sound Designer to work with European IP teams and Sagas. Who wants you King, Stockholm,…


Weekly sounds: the real story of BRAAAM, directional recording on mobile and Doctor Who theme

New post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources on the world of Sound and Audio. Our…


Meet us in Singapore at the Symposium on Sound and Interactivity 2013

Our co-founder Sara Lenzi is attending the NTU/ADM Symposium on Sound and Interactivity at Singapore from 14 to 16…


The best free VST/AU plugins of 2013

Plugins, plugins, plugins. You want them and you want tough pros to give you information about their…


20 years working and having fun with video games: interview with Leonard J. Paul

Sound designer, composer and teacher: Leonard J. Paul is an explosive guy, with many stories about the…


Weekly sounds: Audio Jungle sonic identity, the sound of New York and Moma Audio+

New post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources on the world of Sound and Audio. Our…


Graduation day: last day of your VFS life

Last episode of One Year in Sound.


Weekly sounds: implants for auditory nerve, noise canceling devices and scary sounds

Stories and news from University of Iowa, It’s ok to be smart, The Verge and more


Instructor and Industry Panels before the grand finale

This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi. Week 4. You…


Weekly sounds: Helmholtz resonance, Audio Branding Barometer 2013 and auditory-visual Beethoven

Resources and stories from Audio Branding Academy, Vanderbilt university, Neuro science news and more.

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