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Weekly sounds: Click Clack of Car Doors, Sound surveillance and Directional desktop speakers

This week in Sound? Our last article on Weekly Sounds helps you stay up to date with the…


Weekly sounds: soundwaves for wine and 3d audio headphones/recorders

Another article on Weekly Sounds, to help you stay up to date with the best news and resources about…


Weekly sounds: Apple Watch k-chit sound and Ford Mustang fake noise

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Weekly sounds: (old) sounds from modern typewriters and in-browser generative music

Welcome to Weekly Sounds, to help you stay up to date with the best resources about Sound Communication. After…


Weekly sounds: 3d printed speakers, virtual symphony with touchscreens and our relationship with sound

Disney Research, what music does to your brain, installation in submarine and more.


Weekly sounds: Helmholtz resonance, Audio Branding Barometer 2013 and auditory-visual Beethoven

Resources and stories from Audio Branding Academy, Vanderbilt university, Neuro science news and more.


Weekly sounds: the grave of Sound, the music branding of U2 and the demoniac spectrograph of Aphex Twin

What was hot in the world of Sound during the last week? Let’s discover with the last…

Product sound design and audio branding for a pack of cigarettes

What is: a short video showing the sounds created while handling a Lucky Strike pack of cigarettes….

Ommmwriter: can sound design help to create the emotional software?

We’re very interested in sound design for everyday objects. Mr. Donald Norman should be very happy about this,…

A summer school in Finland for product sound design

We just posted about Sonic Interaction Design and the importance of the COST Action IC0601 on SID for…