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Weekly sounds: bad foley for Star Wars, drones rockstars and groove in music

Flying robots playing instruments, music in films, brainwave sensors based installations.


Weekly sounds: best 14 synthesizers, transparent headphones and synesthesia

Super rich post today on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources on the world of Sound communication. Our…


The best free VST/AU plugins of 2013

Plugins, plugins, plugins. You want them and you want tough pros to give you information about their…


Weekly sounds: new Nokia audio branding, Pacific rim music and free sound libraries

Another week-end, another post by Weekly Sounds, to help you stay up to date with the world of Sound…


Weekly sounds: Control music with brain, Audiobus applications and the deathly danger of noise

Another roundup of news on the world of Sound with with Weekly Sounds, let’ start. We inserted it…


Weekly sounds: the funny life of a sound engineer, the future of mobile audio recording and the woman of Doctor Who

First Weekly Sounds article of 2013, always updated on what’s going on in the world of Sound. We…

Protools in action

Weekly sounds: Free Pro Tools plugins list, the dawn of Audio Branding and a Call for Sonic Art

Welcome to our 2nd appointment with Weekly sounds, to discover what’s hot in the world of Sound during…

Ommmwriter: can sound design help to create the emotional software?

We’re very interested in sound design for everyday objects. Mr. Donald Norman should be very happy about this,…

HISS and a ROAR on the beach

Tim Prebble’s new project: HISS and a ROAR

Tim Prebble is one of the most active sound professionals in the 2.0 era of Internet. Film…

14 ore con SuperCollider, Torino, Italia

Il 13 e 14 aprile 2010 Andrea Valle terrà il corso 14 ore con SuperCollider a Torino…