Post editing a car chase could be a nightmare

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This post is part of a series called One Year in Sound by sound designer Carlo Ascrizzi.

Term 4. Day 1. In a while you understand you need to start running…

This is the last step in Post Editing of your year at VFS, but that doesn’t mean you won’t keep going editing later on, of course. Here is the time to take your skills to the next level. So in Term 4 and over the quality of your job is the real focus.

Post Editing is basically divided in two parts: Editing course itself and the Film Collaboration.

So here we go: the course starts with big assignments since the first day. As usual during each class you will receive an individual review of your in progress work. In a couple of weeks you’ll be asked to submit your Horse Chase assignment and the first part of the Term 4 VFS student’s nightmare: The Car Chase!! As if that wasn’t enough, after the damn bus, you still keep struggling with engines. They are hard…. that’s why! And in very busy pieces like that… well, you just would throw your driving license down to the garbage!

By the way time is running fast, so start editing right away!

After these first two submissions and a deep review, you can leave your car chase aside for a while. The pictures from the Film Campus people are coming as well as your first step to the real world.

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Carlo Ascrizzi

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Freelance sound design and music artist Carlo Ascrizzi creates original sonic contents for film, animations, multimedia and beyond. From brand commissions to experimental collaborations, his work has reached international multimedia arts festivals, film award nominations and digital arts magazines. An all-round creative, tireless traveller, Carlo is also the author of SounDesign's beloved series One Year In Sound.


  1. Ciao Besoz,

    Per questo progetto ho utilizzato librerie. in quel momento e’ stato impossibile trovare il tempo per fare qualche registrazione sul campo, che nello specifico, trattandosi di automobili, richiede molto tempo!
    Successivamente ho avuto modo di registrare automobili per un progetto esterno alla scuola, che e’ pero’ ancora in lavorazione. Prossimamente lo pubblicherò nelle mie pagine. Se ti fa piacere fammi sapere cosa ne pensi.
    Grazie per il commento

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