Weekly sounds: Audiobus revolution, low budget recording and the audio branding of Apple

Weekly soundsHere we go again with some of the most important news on the world of Sound in the last week. This week we also propose a small logo (you can see it on the right) to help you identify quicker the articles of this section. I hope you will appreciate it 🙂

A lot of buzz was built around Audiobus, a new app which creates a real-time live connection between audio applications on the Apple iOS devices. You can download it now at the official website and watch a video demo below by Derek Buddemeyer. This new app will surely redefine the paradigm of Sound creation with all the mobile stuff in the next months. Let’s see what happens.

An Easy DSLR Audio Setup for a Crew of One is a great post by Alexander Fox at NoFilmSchool in which is described how to setup an effective equipment to record in a low budget DSLR scenario. Must read for Sound lovers.

Two important call for proposals are on the way: Cinesonika 3 International Conference & Festival of Sound Design (School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster and The Nerve Centre, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, February 2013) and Sound Politics: Critically Listening to Local and Global Soundscapes.

In the audio branding side the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office finally approved Apple super famous startup chime sound…it’s unbelievable that so many years passed from its origin, but the emotion is still the same.


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