Weekly sounds: gel-based speakers, sound to control devices and Audio Branding Congress program

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Weekly sounds

Our picks of the week

Most interesting news of this week are in the field of research, where many sources reported on going experimentations related to the use of Sound in novel and never seen directions.

First article is about Harvard University, where Researchers build an audio speaker out of stretchy transparent gel, a flexible speaker with ionic able to produce high-quality sound.

Jeong-Yun Sun and Christoph Keplinger. Photo by Eliza Grinnell, SEAS Communications.

Sound Gives Objects A Human Touch reports the work of two researchers from Japan’s University of Tsukub, consisting of an experiment to use the phenomenon of sound resonance of objects to control a mobile or desktop device. Watch the video below to know more.

Another research is reported in Sound waves create touch feedback without actual touch, where a team at the University of Bristol is publishing a paper showing a novel solution for creating an ultrahaptic experience, where users can feel the sensation of touch moving hands in a mid-air ultrasound field projected by a display placed some feet below. Watch the video below to see an in-depth description of the proposed solution.

The term 5 is ending for Carlo and then it’s time for game audio final project: read Drink coffee, kill the freaks from outer space and accomplish the game audio final project! and figure out what is happening in the new story of One year in Sound.

Audio Branding congress 2013 finally published the final program for Moscow edition. If you want to know more about the topics of the congress have a read to Sound and silence in Russia: interview on Audio Branding Congress 2013, our interview to the member of the organizing committee Cornelius Ringe.

The best from other Sound lovers

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity is surely the mainstream with the most interesting work of sound design of the last months. As usual SoundWorks Collection published its video article (you can watch below), but this time I prefer to point to something different: How the sound masters of ‘Gravity’ broke the rules to make noise in a vacuum by The Verge, based on an interview to sound designer Glenn Freemantle and re-recording mixer Skip Lievsay.

What do you think on these news? Did you something interesting? Please share your comments below.

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