Weekly sounds: GoPro-like headphone and audio connection with locked-in patients

Another post on Weekly Sounds, with the most inspiring stories about the world of Sound Communication.

Weekly sounds

It seems like music and productivity are two topics strictly connected and debated in this year, mostly because we work with Sound but also we listen to music while working. How Music Affects Your Productivity is a great article summarizing the current state of the relationship between our mind and our beloved soundwaves.

In a similar context Same Video, Different Song: How Music Guides Perception shows how a film production is strongly influenced by the choice of the music. Same footage, but different tunes: a simple but effective video example can be watched below.

Beats Audio, Instagram and GoPro technologies in the same device? This is what the team of Soundsight are saying about its new bluetooth headphone. More information at Soundsight is a GoPro-like headset that can record, edit, and live stream wide-angle video and a video teaser to watch below.

Different system to deliver sounds, different field of application. Developed by Emotiv Systems to control objects via the use of thoughts, EPOC neuroheadset is causing a big debate among scientists because of a developer claiming the ability to use efficiently this device to create a communication channel with locked-in patients, as reported in Could this $300 headset transform the lives of ‘locked-in’ patients?

Sledgehammer Games Audio Director explains the work of sound design on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfar in the video below.

If you want to know the behind-the-scenes of a live audio engineer working for a big music start then the series On Tour with Massive Attack—Production Rehearsals.

Whether you prefer dreaming of movies then Sound In Post: The Great Gastby is the story of the week for you.

Kia announces Multi sensory branding, a new brand identity campaign mainly based on a new audio branding strategy called The Rise of Surprise.

Are planning to spend your summer in the nature with a microphone? Maybe you should read How to Record Birdsong, a series of tutorials for learning hardware, software and techniques for birding.

Lastly, if your ideas are not so clear about the equipment to buy, you can read Sound Advice: Choosing Microphones and Where to Put Them.

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