Ultraman + Mt. Fuji = JAPAN. Photo by Emran Kassim.

Ippatsu! Ippatsu! Ippatsu! Onomatopoeic sounds of Japanese culture turning into a new business

Japan established a system of registration trademarks including sounds, noises and colours, triggering an avalanche of unusual applications.
Anamnesis online noise machine at mynoise.net

Baby sleep, tinnitus or meditation: the incredible online noise machines for a new sound...

Interview with the creator of myNoise, a collection of online noise generators built for sound therapy, relaxation, tinnitus and more.

The Revival of the Compact Cassette: meet the company running the last factory in...

Nostalgia for holding an audio casette in your hands once again? A company in Missouri never quit building those lovely analog tapes, living an...
Freddy Krueger

Wes Craven lives again in the sounds of Freddy Krueger [+ Leonardo Di Caprio]

A new supercut video celebrates the love for sound by Wes Craven.
Audio Sampling and the Delay Node with AudioKeys

Audio Sampling and the Delay Node with AudioKeys

6th tutorial on Web Audio API: how to turn AudioKeys into a sampler and learn effect with the delay node.
Barack Obama in Musicless Music videos clip

The man who dares to change the sounds of Obama, Miley Cyrus & Kurt...

Sound engineer replaces the music of videos with new sounds, giving birth to Musicless Music Videos, one of the most irresistible YouTube channels.
AudioKeys: prototyping Synth designs using Kyle Stetz AudioKeys library

Prototyping Synth designs using Kyle Stetz’s AudioKeys library

5th tutorial on Web Audio API: how to design a synth using the Audiokeys library developed by the creator of the amazing web app Typedrummer.

Watch Walter Murch telling a story about Sound and it’s Poetry

A short film by Locarno Film Festival celebrates the work of legendary Walter Murch, who received this year the Vision Award – Nescens for his amazing career as a Sound Communicator.

Fashionista wearables could be the next trend in wireless headphones

Fashion-forward company launched a Kickstarter campaign for the world's first wearable cuff with stereo wireless headphones.